Our taste

Quality Charter

The company Quality Charter aims at combining rigour in the selection of ingredients, tradition in production technique and creativity in developing recipes, for the enjoyment of consumers.

Our starting point: fruit and vegetables. These are well-ripened and flavoursome and free from any disease, any rotten part or any other flaw that would disrupt our quest for quality.

After this, comes our creativity to create the best combinations, from the most classic to the most innovative. The only requirement: taste, taste, taste.

To achieve this, we use the best artisan technique to date: the open cauldron. Well known by our grandmothers, it is the only technique able to sublimate the cooking through the evaporation of the water from the ingredients. Therefore, we can focus only on the flavours alchemy. Our little tip: a steam cooking without direct flame enables us to keep the colours radiance.

What happens next in the process needs a little modernity. This includes a measuring machine and automatic process checks (such as a metal detector, a jar-turner with integrated blower, a laser that checks the capping process, a pasteurizer in line and modern labelers). Everything to fulfill the highest requirements and respond quickly to our customers’ demands.

Finally, our Quality control department ensures day-to-day process monitoring. It is in charge of carrying out HACCP procedures and conducts every necessary test to guarantee that every product that leaves our factory is in compliance with our requirements and your expectations. We have been doing this for many years and thanks to our attention to quality we have been able to sell our products in the USA, in Japan and many other countries around the world.