Summer Fruit

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Summer Fruit - Melon and Vanilla Pod

Melon and Vanilla Pod

The melon is a fruit from a creeping plant from Sub-Saharan Africa, belonging to the same family as squashes, pumpkins and cucumbers and that has been known for a long time. It was only in the 17th century that this fruit became popular thanks to the creation of sweeter varieties. We use summer melons (cantaloupe, muskmelon and their hybrids) to make this jam, to which we add vanilla pods to develop a subtle summery taste.

Prepared with 75g of fruits per 100g.
Total sugar content: 61g per 100g.
Melon 75%, cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, jelling agent: fruit pectin,calcium citrate, vanilla Bourbon 0.02%.

Available in 330g and 125g.
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– For breakfast
– To go with your afternoon snacks
– On crêpe, waffle, scone and other sweet  dishes
– With yogurt, fresh cheese and cottage cheese
– Use to make tart, soufflé, doughnut and fruit swiss roll
– To prepare your macarons
– On certain sweet and savoury recipes

Melon and Vanilla Pod
Melon and Vanilla Pod
Mini-roll with Melon and Vanilla Pod

Mini-roll with Melon and Vanilla Pod