Lemon from Menton

Lemon from Menton

According to legend, the place of Menton would have been chosen by Adam & Eve to plant the lemon taken from Paradise because this charming place reminded them about the lost Heaven.

For others, more down-to-earth, it is related to a microclimate with low differential temperatures and a marly-calcareous soil allowing this variety of lemon to grow.

The culture of lemon from Menton developed during the sixteenth century. It has shaped the landscape we know today in the region. Only a few passionate producers continue the tradition with a remarkable know-how (fruit picked on the tree at perfect ripeness, manual watering…), for the greatest delight of chefs and fine food lovers.

Lemons from Menton from the first blossoming of May are harvested between October and February. Then there can be 2 other harvests from the second and the third blossoming, until the summer. Each branch can bear up to 15 pieces of fruit when a regular lemon tree only bears about 5.

Lemon from Menton is bigger and has a thicker peel than a regular lemon. The benefits of its essential oil differ from fruit of the same family (lemons harvested everywhere else). Its peel is very rich in essential oil. It contains four times as much sugar as the regular lemon. It is also more juicy and sweeter. It releases floral notes and has long-lasting aromas. As many assets that make its renown…

In the lemon from Menton Artisanal Jam, L’Epicurien is using the entire lemon, because it is organic, for more taste and texture.