Our Taste

Know-how and Innovation

L’Epicurien makes handmade extra fruity jams and specialities in open cauldrons using fruit that has been carefully selected for its taste, freshness and ripeness. The fruit is sweetened -as in the past- with cane sugar and preserve the richness of colours and flavours. All our jams contain a high percentage of fruit, between 55 and 70% to ensure an outstanding quality.

L’Epicurien has designed an array of confits of fruit, wine, beer and aromatic herbs to match perfectly with cheese. Sweetened less than regular jams, these creations provide a fine and original touch to cheeseboards. This selection received the Regional Award for Innovation from the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

L’Epicurien innovates by developing original savoury specialities to be enjoyed over drinks and throughout the meal. Appetizers can be used to prepare hors d'oeuvres or verrines and to give a twist to starters; culinary specialities to enhance baked dishes flavour; condiments to be served with starters or hot and cold dishes. L’Epicurien also revisits a few great classics of Mediterranean cuisine.